Lessons in Arabic Phonetics to non-native speakers

Lessons in Arabic Phonetics to non-native speakers
Product Description
Book Title: Lessons in Teaching Arabic Phonetics to non-native speakers

Author: Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim Al-Fawzan

ISBN: 978-603-01-1277-7

Number Of Pages: 240 pages

Phonetics book is specialized in teaching sounds of Arabic language to non-native speakers and training to utter them. It benefits both students and teachers and is supported with an audio CD.

Phonetics book offers students:
  • Thirty lessons present Arabic sounds in different ways.
  • Exercises on Arabic pronunciation and distinguishing them when they are heard.
  • A large number of minimal pairs to practice phonetic differentiation.
  • A large number of Quranic verses to practice phonetic dismantling.
Phonetics book offers teachers:
  • Lessons (Benefits/ tips) in teaching of Arabic phonetics from both sides: theoretical and applied.
  • Lessons in the agreement and difference in the place of articulation and in the well-known qualities between two phonemes (target and alternative).
  • Instructions on how to teach phonetics in general.
  • Instructions on how to present phonetics lessons.
  • Instructions on how to conduct phonetics exercises.
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