Arabic Languages Books

  1. Arabic At Your Hands-Students 4 levels,8parts+8CDs

    Key Points
    • Helps non Arabic speakers to learn Arabic.
    • The book comprises basic level uptill the master level.
    • Designed by authors that teaches academic Arabic language.
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  2. Arabic At Your Hands (Level 4/Part 2)+CD

    Key Points
    • It includes text exercise and comprehensions.
    • Comes in 2 parts that helps you learn Arabic easily & conveniently.
    • Audio CD's are also provided with this set of books.
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  3. Arabic At Your Hands (Level 3) two parts+CD

    Key Points
    • It contains rich comprehension including text & exercises.
    • Helps you in improving vocabulary & expression.
    • Contain audio CD's for better learning.
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  4. Arabic At Your Hands (Level 2/Part 2)+CD

    Key Points
    • Consists of test series to determine your ability.
    • Audio CD's are available for better understanding of the language.
    • The book is divided in sections focusing on different aspect of the Arabic language.
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  5. Arabic At Your Hands (Level 1) two parts+CD

    Key Points
    • Divided in various section forming lessons for better learning.
    • Short test and comprehensions helps you determine yourself.
    • Contains audio CD's & the vocabularies are with illustrated pictures.
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  6. Arabic At Your Hands Dictionary

    Key Points
    • Contains most common terms & comprehensions that are frequently used.
    • The pictures for illustration helps better understanding.
    • Appendices given containing valuable information of grammar, dictation and punctuation.
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  7. Arabic At Your Hands (Teacher 4)

    Key Points
    • Book designed especially for teachers.
    • Solutions to test and comprehension is given.
    • Guidelines, techniques & procedures given to help teach.
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  8. Arabic At Your Hands (Teacher 3)

    Key Points
    • Includes effective ways of teaching Arabic language to native learners.
    • Instruction on how to perform test and evaluate them.
    • Small in size making it easier to hold while teaching.
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